Board of Directors

 Board of Directors 

Mr. Manindersingh Satnamsingh Jolly, Chairman & Managing Director, Age: 53 Years 

Mr. Manindersingh Jolly, aged 53years, is the promoter of our company; He is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and having more than two decades of experience in Chemical Industry. He is director of our company since incorporation and holds the position of Managing Director in our Company since November 1, 2010.He is actively involved in the activities of the Company including manufacturing, development of customize product and marketing of all chemical manufactured. He is the guiding force behind the strategic decisions of our Company.

Ms. AnureetKaur Jolly, Non-Executive and Non-Independent director, Age: 51 Years

Mrs. AnureetKaur Jolly aged 50years is the promoter of our company. She holds degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) and Post Graduate Diploma in System Management (PGDSM). She is having 7 years of experience in the chemical business. She is Non-Executive Director of the Company since October 31, 2009 and is entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the overall management and operations of the Company

Mr. Arun Siriram Sehgal, Non-Executive and Independent director, Age 58 Years

Mr. Arun Sehgal aged 58 years is Non Executive Independent Director of our company. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering- B.E.(Hons), and Master’s in Management - M.M.S. He has 23 years of international sales and marketing experience. His area of Specialization of International Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Enterprise Building for International Trade, Turning around of sick units. He has Industry Experience of 27 years spanning over 48 countries. He has also Teaching Experience of 16 years as faculty for full time MBA as well as executive MBA programs conducted by J.B. institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai. He was appointed as Independent Director on September 25, 2017

Mr. Yogesh Satyanarayan Pareek, Non-Executive and Independent Director, Age 34 Years

Mr. Yogesh SatyanarayanPareek aged 34 yearsis Non-Executive Independent Director of our Company.He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Narmada college of Science, Technology & Commerce and Master’s in Labour Laws from National Institute of Business Management. He is an active Journalist since around 14 years. He is also writer and Industrialist and young Entrepreneur. He has worked for National and International News and Media Houses. He also has been associated with India’s leading brand Reliance Industries, handling its corporate affairs.