Familiarization programme for Independent Directors


Familiarization Programmes for Independent Directors

Disclosure  under  Regulation  25  and  46  of  SEBI  (LISTING  OBLIGATIONS  AND DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS) REGULATIONS,  2015

Details of familiarization programmes for Independent Directors:

The Company has established an orientation process/familiarization programme for its Independent Directors that includes:

a. Briefing on their role, responsibilities, duties, and obligations as a member of the Board.

b. Nature of business and business model of the Company, Company’s strategic and operating plans.

c. Matters relating to Corporate Governance, Code of Business Conduct, Risk Management, Compliance Programs, Internal Audit, etc.

As a process when a new independent director is appointed, a familiarization programme as described above is conducted by the senior management team and also whenever a new member is appointed to a Board Committee, information relevant to the functioning of the Committee and the role and responsibility of Committee members is informed. Each of our independent directors has attended such orientation process/familiarization programme when they were inducted into the Board and these programs are generally spread over two days.