Policy on Board Diversity


1. Purpose Of This Policy

This Policy On Board Diversity (the “ Policy”) sets out the company’s approach to ensuring adequate diversity in its board of directors (the “board”) and is devise in consultation with the nomination and Remuneration committee (the “committee) of the board.

2. Scope Of Application

The Policy applies to the board of Directors Of Prolife Industries Ltd (the “Company”)

3. Vision:

The Company recognizes the importance and Benefits of having the diverse Board to enhance the quality of its performance.

4. Policy Statement:

The Company Recognizes and embraces the benefits of having a diverse Board of Directors and sees increasing diversity at Board level as an essential element in maintaining a competitive advantage in the complex business that it operates. It is Recognized that a board composed of appropriately qualified people with board range of experience relevant to the business of the company is important to achieve effective corporate governance and sustained commercial success of difference in the skills, regional and Industry experience , Background, race, gender and other distinctions amongst directors. These differences will be considered in determining the optimum composition of the board and when possible should be balanced appropriately.

The Total Number of Directors constituting the board shall be in accordance with the Articles of Association of the company. The Board of Directors of the company shall have an optimum combination of executive and non-executive directors with at least one women directors and the composition of the board shall be in accordance with requirements of the Article of Association of the company, the companies Act 2013, SEBI (LODR) Regulations and the statutory, regulatory and contractual obligation of the company.

5. Review of the Policy
The Board and the committee will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness and also compliance with the regulation of SEBI
(LODR) Regulation (the “SEBI (LODR)”).

6. Disclosure of the policy

This Policy will be posted on the company’s website. The necessary disclosure about the policy will also be made as per requirements of SEBI (LODR) and the companies Act 2013.